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My 30 Day Happiness Challenge Hit A Wall This Is What Happened

If you have been following my blog you  may have seen a few weeks ago that  I was in the middle of watching my mouth for 30 days in the hopes that I could learn how to turn bad situations around. Or at least speak positively...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Lisa Cash Hanson Snuggwugg INC CEO

Why Even On Your Worst Day You Are Still A Great Mom – Parenting Truths

I shudder to think of all the mistakes I’ve made in the short three years I’ve been a first time mom. I remember this vision I had of becomina a mother.In this vision of grandeur I would never yell, NEVER become fru...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

How to Have A Happy Life Mompreneur Mogul

How To Have A Happy Life In 30 Days – Day 6-8 Cheating a little

My blog post picture cracks me up  today. It’s my daughter Matilda turning one and hating on her birthday cake. Apparently frosting is a terrifying thing. This was two years ago so it’s a little of Throwback Thurs...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Social Media For Your Business

3 Ways To Personalize Your Social Media Marketing

The importance of promoting your business on Social Media is essential in today’s market. Customers want to interact with companies, share their experiences and most importantly search for items that they need and want. I...
by Steph

Tutus and Pajamas

Tutu’s And Pajamas A Parenting Story

Tonight I looked at Matilda, my 2 1/2 year old as I was getting her ready for bed. As she stood there chomping like only a toddler can on her Honey Nut Cheerios and drinking her milk I couldn’t stop smiling. She had both ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


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Marketing To Moms What You Don’t Know- Tips For Brands

When it comes to marketing to moms there are a lot of choices for small business owners and brands. But if you’ve looked online  you will notice that most offer the same campaigns. Over and over again. Crazy right? I tho...
by Lisa Cash Hanson