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Snuggwugg Baby Product

Mom Blogger Launches Her Million Dollar Idea & You Can Too

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would become an inventor and launch a million dollar idea I think I probably would have laughed. Mostly because at that time I was singing on stages all across the country living the ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Snuggwugg Baby Shower

7 Lessons Inventing A Baby Product Snuggwugg® Taught Me

So I invented a baby product called the Snuggwugg®. If you knew me before you would realize how totally strange that is. But here we are inventing a baby product, holding a patent, and a Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner. I re...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Overcome Sabotage in Your Business

Tips To Overcome When A Competitor Tries To Sabotage Your Business

According to the dictionary the definition of sabotage is: An act or process intending to hamper or hurt. So that being said what do you do when a competitor or co-worker tries to sabotage your business? Recently I was in an ve...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Women's Money Conference Las Vegas

Women, Money, Business, Las Vegas – Women’s Money Conference Don’t Miss It

If you are a women who loves business or you’d like to learn more about keeping more of your money I invite you to the Nevada Women’s Money Conference. This is  a great event for Women Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Why Women Still Can’t Have It All Yes We Can @TheAtlantic

A recent article in the Atlantic Magazine, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” is getting a lot of attention.   Suddenly now there is a great debate can we? Or is that a lie?  Other reporters are jumping on ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Huggies Mom Inspired Grant

@Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program Seed Money For Your Dream

If you haven’t heard about this already, Huggies is awarding a few fortunate moms $15,000 to make their dreams come true. They are going to choose the most inventive and cool new Mom invented baby products and help them b...
by Lisa Cash Hanson