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Social Media For Your Business

3 Ways To Personalize Your Social Media Marketing

The importance of promoting your business on Social Media is essential in today’s market. Customers want to interact with companies, share their experiences and most importantly search for items that they need and want. I...
by Steph

Snuggwugg Baby Product

Mom Blogger Launches Her Million Dollar Idea & You Can Too

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would become an inventor and launch a million dollar idea I think I probably would have laughed. Mostly because at that time I was singing on stages all across the country living the ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Snuggwugg Baby Shower

7 Lessons Inventing A Baby Product Snuggwugg® Taught Me

So I invented a baby product called the Snuggwugg®. If you knew me before you would realize how totally strange that is. But here we are inventing a baby product, holding a patent, and a Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner. I re...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Overcome Sabotage in Your Business

Tips To Overcome When A Competitor Tries To Sabotage Your Business

According to the dictionary the definition of sabotage is: An act or process intending to hamper or hurt. So that being said what do you do when a competitor or co-worker tries to sabotage your business? Recently I was in an ve...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Women's Money Conference Las Vegas

Women, Money, Business, Las Vegas – Women’s Money Conference Don’t Miss It

If you are a women who loves business or you’d like to learn more about keeping more of your money I invite you to the Nevada Women’s Money Conference. This is  a great event for Women Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson



Why Women Still Can’t Have It All Yes We Can @TheAtlantic

A recent article in the Atlantic Magazine, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” is getting a lot of attention.   Suddenly now there is a great debate can we? Or is that a lie?  Other reporters are jumping on ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson