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Pitching A Brand

Best Blogger Tips for Pitching a Brand

One of the most rewarding things about being a blogger is publishing content that is helpful to a reader, whether tips to help make life or business easier, recipes, inspiration or otherwise. But without the proper tips for pit...
by Anne | The Chef's Wife

Mom bloggers and a pig

Pinterest Twitter & A Mom Bloggers Big Tips For YOU

Pinterest, Twitter and a mom bloggers big tip just for you. Picture this. I’m on the phone with a QVC buyer today for Snuggwugg my mom invented baby product while Matilda runs around throwing her ball in the air yelling &...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Lisa Cash Hanson Mompreneur Mogul

How To Make Money Without Destroying Your Family

How To Make Money Without Destroying Your Family I work with a variety of people and many of those are women. I love to see a dream take flight. It always makes me smile when a woman has a dream (or a man) and they begin to giv...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Lisa Hanson

Down & Dirty- Nitty Gritty Get Shorty With Blog Posts

I think I may start a new series called down and dirty nitty gritty. Why? Because I can of course why else? Plus I think I’ll go against every piece of blogging advice I’ve ever heard. I like being a rebel sometimes...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

how to make money blogging

The Dirty Secret No One Told You About Commenting On Blogs

      Did you know there was a dirty secret that no one has told you about commenting on blogs? Yes I know. Shocking but true. I’ve seen more posts about commenting on blogs than really anyone should in one...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Strike It Rich Work From Home

Great Tips To Work From Home [To Get You Paid]

Is it even possible to work from home and strike it rich? I believe it is if you avoid a few mistakes along the way. Most of us who wish to work from home do it because we want to spend more time with our family. So it makes no...
by Lisa Cash Hanson