About Me

Hi  I’m Lisa :)lisa-brands

Welcome to my space. Which would not be that cool honestly without you here because basically I’d just be speaking to myself and seriously after a while who wants to do that?

There is a lot I could say but I’m finding the older I get the less I want to chat off all the things I’ve done in life.

But in a nutshell- This is my space. I blog about my journey as a product creator. I invented Snuggwugg a cool baby product that’s for sale here : Snuggwugg.com

media kit

I blog about my family, friends, companies and products I love and I blog about things people say you shouldn’t talk about. Politics and religion.

I live in Vegas, married to Chad you’ll see him below, first time mom, I’ve written a book to help bloggers and I also have some great courses those are under the courses tab on the menu.

I’m also a singer and a youth leader.

So that’s basically my life in a nutshell.

Hope you enjoy your time on my blog and please let your friends know that would be so appreciated by me.

Thanks for coming by and please let me know you were here. XOXOX

me an my baby


Circle of Moms Top 25 Mompreneurs


who am I
I welcome you to my coolio little space.
Who am I? A mom, an entrepreneur, a  blogger, freelance writer, mompreneur, dreamer, visionary, trail buster encourager, & lover of life.



I love my hectic life Matilda is the greatest gift and the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

CHAD : Smokin Hot Husband, I call him caveman   Read his Chad “Isms’ Here  ( Both Matilda & Myself call him that LOL) .  Hard worker, dedicated father, awesome enchilada maker, Loves reading his Bible. I know Bad Boy Christian but there you have it.
my husband chad
                                             Matilda: Quite possibly the most strong willed dominant child in the world. I know she looks so sweet and innocent in this picture. Don’t let the pink fool you she’ll shatter an eardrum with her screams as quick as look at you. Precious, amazing gift, wouldn’t change her for anything in this world.
matilda smiles

Harley English Bulldog- Stinky; sorry Bubs that’s all you get.

harely english bulldog

Hank: Pitbull, pseudo boyfriend before I met Chad, lap dog, rescue dog. He doesn’t rescue I rescued him from the shelter.

pitbull hankme and hubby

And last but never least Me:  Kind, big mouth,  funny but usually @ Chad’s expense ( he doesn’t mind people he does it to me to)  Driven, need to drive slower,  mom bloggy helper, supportive friend.



Singer, Former Vegas Impersonator...which ones? Madonna, Cher, Marilyn, Shania ; I have proof people LOL. Blogger, Wife, First time mom, Mompreneur, Baby product creator.  There you go all you need to know and some you wish you didn’t.