Pitching A Brand

Best Blogger Tips for Pitching a Brand

One of the most rewarding things about being a blogger is publishing content that is helpful to a reader, whether tips to help make life or business easier, recipes, inspiration or otherwise. But without the proper tips for pit...
by Anne | The Chef's Wife

Cool Huggies Stylish Wipes

Huggies Clutch N’Clean Keeps This Mom Happy With Stylish Baby Wipes

My daughter Matilda is three years old now. I know as a parent you already  understand how fast this time flies with your little ones. Her favorite pastime is dumping juice on our floor and getting crazy at the park. Both of t...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Best New Baby Gear Snuggwugg Review

Baby Gear That Stops Toddler Meltdowns In Their Tracks

The other day I was shopping at Walmart with my daughter Matilda.  My toddler was actually having a good day. But another little girl was not. We could hear the screaming and yelling from across the isle and when we turned the...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


Noah Movie

Atheists Should Not Make Bible Movies Christians Hate Noah

This is an editorial do realize I have my own thoughts and you may not agree with any of them. I just don’t get why an Atheist would ever want anything to do with a Bible movie. Oh wait, yes I do, they love stirring up Ch...
by Lisa Cash Hanson