Snuggwugg Baby Product

Mom Blogger Launches Her Million Dollar Idea & You Can Too

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would become an inventor and launch a million dollar idea I think I probably would have laughed. Mostly because at that time I was singing on stages all across the country living the ...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Snuggwugg Baby Shower

7 Lessons Inventing A Baby Product Snuggwugg® Taught Me

So I invented a baby product called the Snuggwugg®. If you knew me before you would realize how totally strange that is. But here we are inventing a baby product, holding a patent, and a Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner. I re...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


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Moms Who Want to Invent A Product Avoid This HUGE Mistake

After so much of the misinformation and honestly stupid advice I’ve seen moms get from other moms who have “groups” but have never done anything successful I wanted to share a few things to avoid. I’ve b...
by Lisa Cash Hanson