Number One Blogging Tip

Number One Blogging Tip- How To Get Noticed In A Sea Of Self Promoters

I’ve done it you’ve done it we all do it. Shameless self- promotion. “Hey come to my community, like my Facebook Page, follow me on Twitter, come to my blog hop, no come to mine,” Are you ready to discov...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Cottonelle Let's Talk About Bums - MompreneurMogul

Lets Talk Bums Cottonelle Helped With Potty Training

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cottonelle.  Today marks another day  of potty training therefore it’s appropriate to say, let’s talk bums. We all have one and since we do well let’s talk about them. M...
by Lisa Cash Hanson

Mom bloggers and a pig

Pinterest Twitter & A Mom Bloggers Big Tips For YOU

Pinterest, Twitter and a mom bloggers big tip just for you. Picture this. I’m on the phone with a QVC buyer today for Snuggwugg my mom invented baby product while Matilda runs around throwing her ball in the air yelling &...
by Lisa Cash Hanson


how to make money blogging

How You Can Make Money Blogging -My 40K Blog Story

How To Make Money Blogging I know the internet is flooded with blogs posts on how to make money blogging. Not too long ago I realized something that really blew my mind. And I pride myself on having some pretty big thinking. I&...
by Lisa Cash Hanson