It’s Official Women Are The Primary Breadwinners And You Say?

Women Are primary breadwinners

      It’s official Women are now becoming the primary breadwinners of the home. The news is bursting with study after study that states that women are making more money than some men and because of that fact  women and moms are now becoming the primary breadwinners.  Yes times are changing. Some studies also […]

Reading Rainbow App Review Technology & Books Living In Harmony

Reading Rainbow Levar Burton

Technology can open doors to a whole new world and  bring  ideas or in this case books to life in a way never imagined or thought possible. Reading Rainbow does exactly that. It’s an interactive version of the PBS children’s television show, where kids can interact with wonderful stories on their iPad. Kids can tap […]

Bridging The Gap – How To Connect Bloggers And Brands & PR Companies

Pr companies and brands

Every time I attend a conference where they discuss how to connect bloggers and brands sometimes I want to scream. Why? Much of what I hear is simply very poor advice. Actually some of it is just really dumb.I saw a panel with a friend of mine and that one was actually pretty good. But they […]