Moms are Super Heroes wearing High Heels

moms with high heels

For many years, I thought chick super heroes who wore heels were being subjected to a double standard. Why do the guys get to wear sensible flat boots while the women are always wearing precarious looking high heels? I finally “get” why wearing heels as a superhero is better and I’ll tell you why. High […]

Top Trending Mom Invented Baby Products For Royal Baby

Royal Baby Prince William and Kate

          I am so excited for Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton and their beautiful Royal Baby Boy George Alexander Lewis. I’m a first time mom as well. And I am sure that the Duchess will have more help than she needs for her beautiful new journey as a mom. But […]

Playtime Paints for Work-at-Home Parents

Chalkboard paint

        When you work from home and have children, it can seem like you’re constantly divided between the two worlds: professional and parental. That can be challenging for work-at-home parents. Add to that the fact that because you are at home during the workday, your kids have relatively unfettered access to you […]

How To Make Money Without Destroying Your Family

Lisa Cash Hanson Mompreneur Mogul

How To Make Money Without Destroying Your Family I work with a variety of people and many of those are women. I love to see a dream take flight. It always makes me smile when a woman has a dream (or a man) and they begin to give birth to that dream and go through […]

Internet Security For Kids – Tips Plus Complimentary Premium Membership UknowKids

Internet Security for kids protect your children online

Any parent understands that internet security for kids is vital. It’s not that we don’t trust our children it’s that we don’t trust predators online.  I’m a mom and when I read the horror stories or see the shows on tv where grown men lure children it’s disgusting. The first key in protecting our children […]

Top Lists Of The Best WordPress Plugins From Around The Web

Wordpress Plugins Top lists from around the web

              I’m asked a lot of questions about blogging. Many times I’m asked about which WordPress Plugin to use or which WordPress Plugin do I use? I’ve seen a lot of great posts lately about WordPress Plugins. So I decided today why reinvent the wheel? Instead let me just […]

SwimZip Mom Inventor Battles Skin Cancer Sparks Innovative Product

SwimZip UV protection

Cancer is a source of fear for many people. I despise the disease and cannot wait for the day that it’s wiped off the planet. As a mom inventor myself I can tell you that nothing inspires me more than seeing another mom and her creative invention solve a major problem. Skin cancer is a […]

An Easy Way To Sell Products On Your Blog – Cashie Commerce

Sell products on Facebook

                I love helping women make money with their blog. One of the main ways that anyone can utilize a blog and make money is finding an easy way to sell products on your blog. I’m always looking for solutions that are simple and that can help make […]

How To Make Money Blogging Super Easy Secret No One Told You

How To Make money

If you are frustrated with all the methods you’ve tried to learn how to make money blogging  and feel like they are fizzling then this article is for you. One of the biggest questions that you or your audience may have is how exactly do you make money blogging?.  One thing that I’ve noticed is […]

A Letter To My Husband Our Toddler, Business & Sex Life (Not in that order)


I’m going to get a little personal and I hope you’re fine with that. Today I thought I’d try to give you a peek into our lives so maybe we can all just have a laugh together. As a matter of fact maybe every Sunday will be personal Sunday and we can all just have […]