Pitching A Brand

Best Blogger Tips for Pitching a Brand

One of the most rewarding things about being a blogger is publishing content that is helpful to a reader, whether tips to help make life or business easier, recipes, inspiration or otherwise. But without the proper tips for pit...
by Anne | The Chef's Wife

Social Media For Your Business

3 Ways To Personalize Your Social Media Marketing

The importance of promoting your business on Social Media is essential in today’s market. Customers want to interact with companies, share their experiences and most importantly search for items that they need and want. I...
by Steph

naked teen selfies

Parent’s Privacy Leads To Teens Naked Selfies Prison Charges

We knew as parents the time would come when technology would come back to bite us. But is it really the fault of technology or poor parenting, or neither? While some parents think their teens should have privacy the teens in Be...
by Lisa Cash Hanson